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Before we started let us tell you: that this method will take Only few days to complete. This is a great and Legal method to get a Free PSP shipped to you from points 2 shop or from Survey4Profit. Need to mention that this method just not limited to only for a Free PSP, you can Also get many more Items like, XBOX 360 Console, XBOX Live, Microsoft Points, Free Games, Free Cash Yes you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal or by Bank Check etc: What make this more exciting is that you can keep the products you receive to give review. All the products you receive are free to keep. You only need to provide a simple answer after using the product you receive. You can receive any item you wish like toys, shampoo, cloths, computer hardware, gaming hardware or any electronic item you wish to use your self and give honest opinion about the product.

Well some of you might think it is impossible, others might think  it will take too long, blah blah! But listen, I recently found a site that’s giving you free PSP,  and all you have to do is to complete few  Free surveys, here are the requirements : a brain, an email, resident in USA , UK , CANADA, AUSTRALIA and few days to get your free PSP. But if you are not belong to any of those countries fear not, you still can get extra cash not the Free PSP Offer, instead you can directly ask for cash withdrawal to your PayPal account and you can use this to buy any item you want. Basically this works anywhere to earn extra cash to do anything you want. So if you are ready lets get started the very easy process below.

Here is the A-Z process that you need to follow to get your free PSP.

1- USA Resident – Make an Account for Free Here (USA)

USA Resident and only want a Free PSP or Any Game Console please make an account below Here

BDO – Favorite Game Console

Click Here

The first step is to sign up at Survey4Profit website or to the BDO Any Favorite Game Console website. These websites are trusted, they have over 800,000 members! once you sign up, check your email and follow the instructions to confirm your account. If you don’t verify your email you won’t be able to proceed. After verifying your email, look at your points balance, it should have 500 already ( that is $5 ) if you participated with Survey4profit if not you will not receive the cash bonus but will receive the favorite game console that you want for Free.

UK Resident – Make an Account for Free Here

PaidOffers – Win 300£ Per Month (UK)

AUSTRALIAN Resident – Make an Account Here

Paid Email Offer – Win $100 per Email Survey (AU)

ASIA Resident – Make an Account Here

Play Win Asia  (Asia)

free psp

2- Complete offers and surveys

Click on earn points and choose free offers, and finish an offer that has a high approval rate. Now you will receive 250 to 300 points. As soon as this is done, you will get a bonus of 750 points for completing your first offer!  so now you have 1000-1050 points.  You can now proceed to complete more free offers to get more points! we only took four days to get needed points to redeem for a free PSP.

3- Redeem your prize

Go to the prize section, and type in PSP. You will be presented with two options :

-Cash out using an email  code

-A Free PSP that will be mailed to your house

I suggest you to cash out money by check or PayPal, if you want to go to a shop and select your own PSP, but many people are using the redeem for their Free PSP to ship to their house.

4- Continue to earn more points to redeem many other items like XBOX 360 to Microsoft points , Microsoft live , free games, and free cash to use what ever you want to buy! This is a great opportunity to earn extra cash for your entertainment needs and to have fun! Remember, it is necessary to register and verify your email and then complete offers and surveys in order to earn enough points for your need ( Free PSP ).

Proof That This Works to Redeem a Free PSP

Points 2 shop is a living, thriving website with MILLIONS of members. To see how it works, make an account HERE. If you have already signed up, go to the shout box, and click a username, you will see what they have earned. Many people have earned THOUSANDS of dollars using this great website. If you want to know how does this work please click here.

If you run in to any problem please Contact us here and we will help you as possible as we can. Enjoy!  if you have found this to be a beneficial to you, please come back here to my website and kindly bookmark this Free PSP website.

What is PSP?

Portable PlayStation or tiny entertainment center, is a portable version of the PlayStation also smaller very handy has many features than the Sony,s PlayStation PS2, like featured camera and WI-fi to surfing the internet if you have firmware 2.0 up !

PSP also can play audio and video also has the ability to read memory sticks formats,  memory stick duo or memory stick pro duo! PSP also comes with Gps device. Because of this PSP is a very smart handy gaming device that you can enjoy with!

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